Face Masks Instructions

Cold Machine wash. May be tumble dried on warm. Please wash and dry after each use. Warm iron. 

Please ensure you remove the nose wire before washing and re insert before wear  



 For the best protection a surgical mask can be inserted into the pocket. This must be replaced after each use. 


There is a nose wire inserted into the nose piece this should be moulded around your nose for a fitted seal.

  This will also avoid digging up glasses if you wear them. Please remove this wire for washing and re insert before use.  


If the elastic is too big to make a nice seal around your face twist before placing behind your ears.  


Please watch the following advice on how to correctly wear and use your mask. This is incredibly important on keeping yourself safe.


When removing your mask please only touch the elastic and avoid touching the face of the mask. Please wash your mask after every use.


Please note. As per the WHO recommendations fabric mask will not guarantee protection from COVID-19 and or other viruses.